During the latter part of World War 2, a small group of World War 1 diggers (who were on active service) asked the younger members of the unit what they desired most when the war ended, this was the question that prompted the formation of the Hay Services Club.

The Hay Services Club has been in existence since 1946. The Hay Sub Branch of the RSL wished to do something that would be of benefit to returning service men. Hay prided itself on the way we looked after our boys away on active service and could be relied on to continue to look after them on their return to Hay. A Soldiers Club was the most suitable to keep alive the spirit of comradeship. The main objective of the Club was to provide a place for returned soldiers to enjoy social interaction and relaxation.

The first home of the Club was in Lachlan Street Hay in the building next to Mackers Meats, in 1949 the Club was relocated to 393 Alma Street. After 10 years of planning and saving the Hay Services Club was built at it’s current location of 371 Murray Street and opened in May 1963. With the dwindling number of ex-servicemen due to the passing of time, membership slowly fell off. It was at this time the Club decided to allow associate members. The first president of the club was Tom Kelly and the honorary solicitor was J. McNeill Simpson Snr. It was both of those gentleman who drew up the rules and laws of the club and guided it through the steps of gaining a license.